About Ms. Fisher

Ms. Fisher visited Monet’s home and Gardens in Giverny, France and spent time sketching and painting along the Seine River. 

Constance Belle Fisher is a Clarke County and Shenandoah Valley Artist. She has lived in rural Northern Virginia for over 40 years.

Born in the foothills of Western Pennsylvania, she was named after her paternal great grandmother, Jane Belle Poe, whose father was a second cousin of Edgar Allen Poe, and after her mother’s great grandmother, Constance, who came to this country from Belgium.

Ms. Fisher has an instinctive interest and affinity for creative artistic expression. Her natural ability and talent was evident from early childhood and in the fourth grade, she received a scholarship to attend classes at the Carnegie-Mellon College of Fine Arts. She studied at the Carnegie until her family moved to Baltimore.

In Baltimore, she continued her studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art while completing high school. She attended the Community College of Baltimore, Towson University and Johns Hopkins University where she also worked as an assistant illustrator in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine before moving to Virginia.

About My Art

The focus of my art is on Expressionism. The difference between Expressionism and Abstract Art is that Expressionism does not necessarily abandon all figural or representational elements. It can often use elements of abstraction to create an emotional effect and may utilize diverse techniques to convey nontraditional and nonrepresentational images.

I am particularly influenced by many artists, abstract expressionists, and by the French Impressionists. I have studied recently with Kathleen Conover, Joan Fullerton, Mark Mehaffey, Skip Lawrence, and have also studied with Frank Webb and Christopher Schink.

I view my art as works that create a lasting image of the ever-changing world around us, which I interpret with romantic, lyrical, and multi-hued images. My paintings are in private collections across the country. I often donate my artwork to fund raising and charitable activities and has always been very active in local and service organizations. Many of my photographs have been published in newspapers and national magazines. One of my paintings is also represented in the book Reflections of Clarke County, Virginia.

My award winning art has been exhibited in numerous competitions.

My most recent exhibitions include:

  • 41st Virginia Watercolor Society, Juried Exhibition, Richmond, Virginia – 2020
  • 40th Virginia Watercolor Society Juried Exhibition, Lorton, Virginia – 2019
  • 2019 Baltimore Watercolor Society Mid-Atlantic Exhibition, Germantown, Maryland
  • 39th Virginia Watercolor Society Juried Exhibition, Salem, Virginia – 2018
  • 2018 National Watercolor Society Annual Member Exhibition, San Pedro, California

Artist Affiliations

Virginia Watercolor Society,
Signature Member

Baltimore Watercolor Society,
Signature Member

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society,
Associate Member

National Watercolor Society,
Associate Member

American Watercolor Society,
Associate Member

Society of Layerists in Multi-Media,

My paintings are now available
in limited edition and giclée prints.